Our Story

From Roanoke Park Counseling’s inception in 1987, the nonprofit agency has made a meaningful difference in both the lives of countless survivors of childhood sexual abuse and in the community.

In June of 2019, Shepherd's Counseling Services became Roanoke Park Counseling.

Why did we change our name?

After a process of discernment and input from the community, we came to realize that, although we have never been affiliated with the church, the name "Shepherd's" may connote a connection with the church and that it had become a barrier to many survivors who might otherwise seek our services. We believe that the name Roanoke Park Counseling is reflective of our treasured location and our deep connection to the community.

will there be other changes in operation or services?

Although our name and logo are different, our services to survivors and our leadership remain exactly as they were before our name change.  We are sincerely committed to continue our strong and steady mission to provide services of the highest quality to adult survivors as we move forward.

The insight of sister Vera Gallagher

Shepherd's Counseling Services (now Roanoke Park Counseling) was created from the vision of a Good Shepherd sister, Dr. Vera Gallagher. Sister Vera spent 30 years as a principal for the Good Shepherd Schools for young women referred by the juvenile courts.

Sister Vera recognized that most of the youth she met had run away from sexual and/or physical abuse. Too young to provide for themselves, they often turned to life on the streets and came into conflict with the law.

Response overwhelming as word spreads

In 1985, when the issue of childhood sexual abuse was relatively hidden, Sister Vera wrote her book, "Speaking Out, Fighting Back.” In this ground-breaking book, which chronicled the experiences both she and Good Shepherd school staff nationwide had while working with adolescents who were sexually abused as children. In honestly portraying the challenges these girls endured because of their experience of abuse, she created a revolutionary book that broke the wall of secrecy throughout our communities and across the nation.

  • The response was immediate and overwhelming.
  • She received hundreds of letters, phone calls and requests for therapy from adults who were sexually abused as children.

A licensed counselor, Sister Vera began providing group therapy for women. She was invited to give workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her work with adult survivors led to another book, "Becoming Whole Again", a discussion guide for use in group therapy.

Needs grow, launching the nonprofit agency

By 1987, it was evident that the need for help was more than one person could handle. Shepherd's Counseling Services was formed, contracting with additional therapists and creating a Board of Directors.

In 1993 the need to include services to male survivors was evident and Shepherd's hired its first male therapist to lead male therapy groups. Soon after, Shepherd’s began offering services to partners of survivors, to this day a rare and vital resource.

Sister Vera was a fearless and passionate advocate for survivors and for the need to bring awareness to this long-hidden topic. Sister Vera resigned from the directorship of the agency in 1996 but continued to serve as an agency spokesperson and to see individual clients until 1996 when she retired.

Sister Vera's vision lives on

Shepherd's has never wavered from its mission to offer scholarships to those who do not have the means needed for therapy. Thousands of individuals and families have been helped by the strength of Sister Vera's vision and commitment.

Like the clients it serves, the agency has shown remarkable resilience, always finding a way to get beyond the rough spots in continued dedication to the noble mission of its founder and visionary.

Roanoke Park Counseling carries forth its founder’s unwavering commitment and dedication to providing specialized therapy of the highest quality to survivors and their partners.

Roanoke Park Counseling - the next Chapter

Over the years, the agency consistently received questions and concerns about the name of the agency which often created confusion about a possible religious affiliation. Although the organization had never been connected to the church, this confusion had caused survivors and referring providers to hesitate to seek services at the agency. In 2019, in keeping with Sister Vera’s intention, the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the agency to remove every barrier possible to allow adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to access the outstanding services of the agency.

The name, Roanoke Park Counseling was chosen to reflect the organization’s long-standing place in the community and to honor the connection that many clients feel with the healing and grounded beauty of Roanoke Park across the street.

Roanoke Park Counseling carries forth its founder’s unwavering commitment and dedication to providing specialized therapy of the highest quality to survivors and their partners. Roanoke Park Counseling’s leadership in the field, its singular dedication to educating the community, and its advocacy for the needs of adult survivors will remain strong and steady hallmarks of this remarkable organization for years to come.

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From our inception in 1987, we have made a
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