Meet Our Therapists

All of the clinical staff at Roanoke Park Counseling hold a master's degree in psychology, social work or counseling and are Washington State licensed. In addition:

  • They bring to our therapy services special training and extensive continuing education on trauma responses and developmental issues related to the impacts and therapeutic needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • We serve clients of all races, colors, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, ages, ancestries, ethnicities, and national origins.
  • Some of our therapists have the ability to conduct therapy sessions in Spanish, French or English.
  • RPC has a long tradition, since 1987, of bringing a passionate commitment to serving the needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and a relentless commitment to helping our clients heal.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
C. Jung
  • Janice Palm
    Executive Director
    MA, LMHC
    M.A., Psychology, Antioch University
    B.A., Education, Seattle Pacific College
    Specialties: Depression, Abuse, Trauma, Anxiety

    The Executive Director's role at Roanoke Park Counseling is to lead, cultivate and keep the agency alive and vital to ensure that the agency's mission is carried out to its fullest potential.

    For Janice, the duties go one step more: To protect and respect each client who walks through our doors. By making sure that RPC’s core value of unwavering respect for the dignity of all people permeates the clinical and administrative culture of the agency, Janice says, "it ultimately radiates to the clients we are privileged to serve."

    It is Janice's work as a therapist that fuels her passion and resolve to ensure that programs, administration, board function and staff development work in concert to provide the greatest possibility of stability and effectiveness. Roanoke Park Counseling has a tremendous responsibility and challenge in providing a very deep and valuable service at affordable rates -- and a record of success that shows that it works.

  • Marissa Grasmick
    M.A., LMHCA
    M.A., Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy, Naropa University
    B.A., Psychology and Art, Luther College
    Specialties: PTSD, Trauma, Existentialism, Creative Expression, Mindfulness/Meditation, Abuse

    Marissa Grasmick believes that it is the quality of the connection between the therapist and client that fosters authentic healing. She is most interested in co-creating a therapy that works best for each individual. At present, Marissa is only offering group sessions.

    Marissa blends theory and technique from Eastern and Western traditions. She has a deep understanding and appreciation of how mindfulness and meditation, as well as EMDR, help clients manage traumatic symptoms. Marissa is sensitive to the unique and serious effects of trauma/ abuse/ PTSD and how they can show up in a person’s life via emotional dysregulation, impaired cognitive functioning, and neurobiological stress. 

    As a dually trained Counselor and Art Therapist, Marissa also uses the creative process as an approach to therapy. All of these tools are only used with a client’s permission and on an individual basis depending on needs and goals.

    Marissa has worked in private practice in Boulder, Colorado and served two years as a therapist at the Southern California Counseling Center in Los Angeles for low-income individuals.

  • Michelle Lifton
    MA, MS, LMHC
    MA, Mental Health Counseling, Antioch University
    MS, Women's Studies, Mankato State University
    Specialties: Abuse, PTSD, Trauma

    Michelle strives to help people bring balance and wellness into their lives. She begins with the premise that each individual is whole and has the inherent ability to cope with life’s struggles, no matter how much pain that person may be experiencing. Although trauma has a profound effect on our bodies and our minds, growth and change are always possible.

    “I have a compassionate and collaborative approach and will invite you to tap into your inner wisdom, to explore your thoughts and feelings, and to discover new ways of being. Our diverse backgrounds inform who we are, and I will work with you to make changes in your life while honoring your culture and your values.”

    Michelle has over 20 years of social service experience, primarily working with adults and children who experienced abuse. She has worked in community mental health settings, helping clients address a wide range of symptoms and issues, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and grief. Michelle has specialized training in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • Holly Santos
    Holly Santos
    M.A. Mental Health Counseling, Antioch University
    Center for Complicated Grief, Columbia University
    Specialties: Grief and Loss, Psychologic Interventions For Chronic Pain

    Holly Santos works with adults who are interested in or challenged by finding or maintaining their balance and vitality, or are struggling in other ways. Often blocks to well-being can show up as, or be a result of, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, overwhelm, stress, and trauma. Holly believes the true joy of being in this field today comes from the many approaches to healing that are a result of both rigorous research and the belief in the healing capacity of the body, brain and emotion.

    As a practitioner, Holly use the approaches and wisdom that have come from attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, psychosynthesis, Lifespan Integration, client centered therapy and the holistic treatment of the individual, including nutrition and wellness..

    She is a member in the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and the American Counseling Association.

  • Julia Laibson
    Julia Laibson
    MA, LMFT
    MA in Child, Couple and Family therapy, Antioch University
    Specialties: Trauma (2), Grief and Loss, Family System, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety

    Julia has worked with all age groups, couple and families. She believes that therapy is a collaborative partnership that grows in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance and within which the client feels seen and heard for the unique person they are.

    “My work is grounded in attachment, family systems, mindfulness, and interpersonal neurobiology and my approach is eclectic. I draw from many creative modalities to support clients in better understanding themselves and their life story. I believe it takes to tremendous courage to choose to do the work of healing. My goal is to support clients in their journey and in creating lives that express who they truly are as whole and complex human beings.”

    Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing creates change that you do choose. - Michele Rosenthal

  • Dan Grey
    Dan Gray
    MSW, University of Utah
    B.A. in Social Work, Wartburg College
    Specialties: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Pastoral Counseling, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), And Couples Therapy
    Dan believes that for all of us our journey must begin within to be able to reach our desired goals, whether they be social, spiritual, physical, or intellectual. He is a multiple life domain therapist and believes that all aspects of our psycho-social experience in life shape our development.
    "I have learned that the greatest privilege any of us can have is to walk with another as they make their own journey.“
    Dan is a trained individual, couple, and family therapist. Before joining Roanoke Park Counseling, his previous experience included both inpatient and outpatient settings. He served as a Psychiatric Social Worker in State Hospitals in both Utah and Washington, as well as at the Washington Special Commitment Center for Sexually Violent Predators. He also worked as a Domestic Violence Counselor for the US Army, determining safety plans for members of families being victimized by a member of their family, most often a member of the military. Throughout this work, Dan has developed cultural competency to work in a variety of communities of color, including the African American, Native American, and Asian and Pacific Islander Communities.
    Prior to receiving his MSW, Dan served for thirteen years on active duty in the US Air Force holding a variety of positions as both a Non-commissioned and Commissioned Officer and has lived in several countries.
  • Chelsea Gibson
    Chelsea Gibson
    M.S.Ed M.Phil.Ed LMHC
    M.S.Ed Counseling and Mental Health Services, University of Pennsylvania
    M.Phil.Ed Professional Counseling, University of Pennsylvania
    B.A., Psychology, Gonzaga University
    Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment

    Chelsea’s approach is grounded in Attachment Theory, Feminist Psychology, and Rogerian models of counseling. Her work with clients involves searching together for a deeper understanding of how their relationships with the world, others, and themselves came to be the way they are now, all while holding compassion for what has been needed at different times in their lives.

    Chelsea works with clients to create a safe enough place to be heard and known. She believes that while trauma happens in isolation, healing is most possible through connection. She strives to develop a connection that communicates to each individual that they matter, their story matters, and that change and healing are possible.

    Before coming to Roanoke Park Counseling, Chelsea worked in community mental health positions supporting adults, teens, and families in school and agency settings in the greater Philadelphia and Seattle communities.

  • Malika Bains
    Malika Bains (1)
    M.S., LMHC
    B.A., Psychology Honors; Panjab University (India)
    M.A., Clinical Psychology; Eastern Washington University
    Specialties: Abuse, Trauma, PTSD, Multicultural Family Dynamics, Immigration And Assimilation

    Malika has worked with diverse communities (Asian, African American, Native American, and Pacific Islanders) to help individuals in understanding the impact of the childhood trauma and the unique way through which trauma expresses itself in each individual. She observed how people have a core authentic self which, unfortunately, gets overshadowed by the repercussions of traumatic experiences. In her therapy sessions, Malika collaborates with individuals to create a safe environment where she can help them establish a connection with their inner authentic self that can act as a guiding light to heal the trauma residing in our mind and body.

    Malika’s therapy approach is rooted in attachment theory, interpersonal process theory, psychodynamic, and internal family systems. In addition, she utilizes mindfulness and distress tolerance skills to regulate our cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms that are the result of traumatic experiences.

    “Mental health, in general, is stigmatized in most of our communities, let alone acknowledging the presence of childhood sexual abuse. I’m here to be present with you, hear you, and support you as you take this first step to understand the implications of childhood sexual abuse in your life and explore your authentic self to live the life that you desire.”

Our Administration

Our administration and staff are dedicated to Roanoke Park Counseling’s mission to end the cycle of sexual abuse through healing and community awareness. We put our mission into action through compassionate, respectful, and effective service to our clients and to the community.

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Board of Directors

Through collaboration, leadership and commitment, Roanoke Park Counseling’s Board of Directors works to strengthen and guide the agency to ensure that this unique resource of professional, affordable therapy services specialized to meet the needs of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse remains strong and vital.

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