Our Therapy Services

Roanoke Park Counseling offers a variety of professional, affordable therapeutic services—both individual and group—to address the needs of adults who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and to help their partners as well.

The core of all treatment is to help survivors:

  • Address the abuse itself
  • Deal with the life effects of abuse
  • Lead more productive and satisfying lives

RPC’s goal is to reduce the obstacles to each individual's desire to heal. We realize that this journey may take place over an extended period of time. We hold the conviction that within each of our clients is the desire and power to heal.

All therapists at RPC are professionally credentialed and have received specialized training in the areas of childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

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We accept insurance and are in-network with many plans. 

We also offer sliding-fee scale and scholarship funding based on financial need.

Contact: Lilly Ross, Office Manager, 206.323.7131 for more information.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy creates a healing connection so a survivor can address the abuse, the life effects stemming from the abuse, and begin to regain the sense of self lost through years of coping with the effects of abuse.

Based on an initial interview, a client's needs and preferences are considered when selecting a therapist. Within the framework of therapy, the therapist gains understanding of each survivor's unique experience and provides support and guidance to foster healing and growth to allow survivors to become their own agents of change.

Group Therapy

RPC offers two therapy groups:  an introductory group (10 weeks) and a process group (21 weeks), with a wait list for a genderqueer intro (10-week) group.  Closed, gender-specific groups offer survivors the opportunity to experience growth and healing with others who share similar histories. Group therapy creates therapeutic connection, and allows for the lessening of the secrecy, isolation and stigma that can result from the trauma of sexual abuse. Because group therapy is a powerful modality, every group member needs to have an established relationship with an individual therapist.

Together with the skilled leadership of the therapist, group members create an environment of safety and consistency, where they may explore the effects of sexual abuse and develop trusting relationships with others.

Introductory Groups

Introductory 10-week groups are formed as a beginning step for survivors in understanding the impact of their abuse. This group focuses on the impact of being sexually abused as a child or teen. This gender-specific group is ideal for survivors who are beginning to address the effects of childhood sexual abuse in their lives and wish to join with other survivors for support and education.

Couples Counseling

Sexual abuse often creates profound and negative obstacles in a couple's relationship. RPC offers couples therapy services to couples wishing to explore the impact of the abuse on their relationship. Difficulties with trust, communication and sexuality, among other topics, can be explored with the skilled help of a specially trained therapist.

Partner Support Groups

These co-ed groups offer support and education to partners of survivors. The primary focus of the group is to provide support for the partners, recognizing that there are often challenges inherent in relationships with individuals who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood.

Process Groups

The 21-week process groups allow survivors to address their abuse on a deeper level with other survivors. This group offers survivors the opportunity to form connections and relationships with other survivors and to share their story in the safety of the group. Many group participants find that being a part of this group is a very positive and significant step in their journey to healing.

Family Counseling

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can damage all relationships within a family. RPC’s therapists understand the often far-reaching effects of sexual abuse on a family system and offer services that support healing family relationships.

Parent Support Groups

This group is for parents of adult survivors to receive support. The group is designed for parents who were not themselves the offender. In a safe space that does not involve their adult child, parents are free to explore the complexity of feelings and dynamics that accompany knowing that one’s child has been sexually abused.

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