How your gift helps

Thank you for remembering survivors in our community. Your generosity is appreciated beyond measure.

With your gift to Roanoke Park Counseling, you help survivors heal from the life-altering effects of childhood sexual abuse and realize new opportunities for peace, stability, and fulfillment in their lives.


Your generous donations directly work to:

  • Increase financial assistance to clients in need
  • Build community awareness of our services to reach more survivors
  • Raise awareness of the impact of childhood sexual abuse and the need for healing and prevention

Your support allows us to serve clients in the way that provides them the best help and therapy for their individual needs and gives us critically needed resources to reach out to more survivors of child sexual abuse:

  • RPC is unique and vital as we provide affordable, professional, long-term therapy specifically to meet the needs of adult men and women who were sexually abused in childhood.
  • Our donors have given more than 2,000 men and women long-deserved new possibilities for their lives.

Social benefits of helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse include:

  • Improved personal relationships and improved parenting skills, which, in-turn, support healthier families.
  • Life improvements such as creating stability in jobs and housing, returning to school, and improving health.
  • Increased self-esteem and life stability increases positive community involvement and connection.

Sexual abuse has a huge ripple effect. It affects all those around you. Roanoke Park Counseling not only saved my life, but my life is now more meaningful and productive.
Former Client

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KAREN's Journey

Karen's inspirational journey to healing began when she came to Roanoke Park Counseling. Hear how Karen's relentless quest for healing led her to a deeply fulfilling life experience.

More ways to donate

By Phone or Mail

Please contact us directly at or 206.321.2684 or print the donation form and mail to Roanoke Park Counseling 2601 Broadway Ave. East Seattle, WA 98102

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Corporate Matching

Many companies offer to match employee donations to community non-profit organizations

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Legacy Giving

Your legacy gift to Roanoke Park Counseling provides a lasting gift to survivors.

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The impact you make

Your donation to Roanoke Park Counseling is deeply appreciated. We make sure to maximize your contribution.
Here are examples of how your gift can make a life-changing difference for a survivor.

I thank Roanoke Park Counseling for providing safe harbor. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to be a whole person. I thank them for making the services affordable for people living at the margin.
A Grateful Client
  • $50

    Your gift of $50 will allow a survivor to begin group therapy.

  • $100

    Your gift of $100 will allow a survivor to begin their path to healing through individual therapy using our sliding scale.

  • $350

    Your gift of $350 allows the partner of a survivor to complete an 8-week partner support group to find encouragement and validation.

  • $750

    Your gift of $750 allows a survivor to attend an entire 21-week therapy group that brings a new depth of hope and healing.

  • $1,000

    Your generous gift of $1,000 makes a life-changing difference in the life of a survivor through attending nearly a year of individual therapy.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

We deeply appreciate the generous support of our sponsors which helps us keep our therapy services affordable and ensures that all survivors can start their healing journey.

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