RPC accepts referrals for clients who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their partners. Clients are referred to us for a variety of reasons, including:

Experience and specialized training
  • Since 1987, RPC has provided therapy services exclusively to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Our professional staff specializes in the treatment of sexual abuse survivors. All of our therapists are Washington State licensed and hold a master's degree in psychology, social work or counseling, and have received advanced education in treatment of abuse.
  • Our group leaders are skilled in coordination of treatment with individual therapy providers who refer clients to RPC for group services or may wish to consult regarding the services that we offer.
Commitment and collaborative success
  • The connection with an individual therapist or with other group members initiates a journey to reclaim the sense of trust and safety lost through abuse.
  • Addressing the needs of individuals with a history of complex trauma can be a long and intricate process. We find that survivors benefit from the singular focus and experience that RPC provides.
  • We believe that with the skilled guidance of our counselors, survivors can recover from the damaging effects of childhood sexual abuse and lead more productive and satisfying lives.
  • Programs are designed to assist survivors in becoming their own agents of change and healing.
  • We provide group therapy services as an adjunct to individual therapy. RPC’s closed 21-week process groups offer survivors the opportunity to experience growth and healing in a context with others who share a similar history.
  • Services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Additional subsidies may be provided based upon demonstrated financial need.
  • Many insurance plans are accepted.

For more information about making a referral, please email Amanda Franklin, Clinical Coordinator or call 206.323.7131.

“RPC is a beacon of hope in our community. Its dedicated psychotherapists provide a place of healing for those among us who have been deeply wounded. Moreover, its existence reminds us while there is much in our world that is broken, there are also people who are committed to addressing this brokenness.”
Steen Halling PhD, Professor Emeritus, College of Arts & Sciences, Seattle University

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